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LPT News Flash - November 17, 2008

Window Diverter Strips In the midst of completing this extremely beneficial project, two critical side fixes occurred. From the outside, the contractor sealed over 120 windows. These were windows replaced from the inside over the past 10 years, at times when outside caulking was not feasible. In addition, workers secured many window box grills that had missing hinges and screws. Some of these loose grills were in imminent danger of falling. Rotunda Caulking We caulked the entire rotunda to avoid water getting between the granite pavers where it could freeze, expand and then damage the pavers. The workmanship and materials are guaranteed for 3 years and an additional 7 years on the materials. Don’t worry about the shiny look because it will fade within a week or two. You may not have noticed, but we also leveled a couple of “trip hazard” pavers. Automatic Doors If you like the automatic door in the lobby leading to the elevators, you can shortly enjoy the same arrangement extending from the mailboxes to the garage waiting room. This new door installation will be operational by mid-December. Unit Exhausts A year ago, we identified over 282 units that had defective kitchen and bath exhausts. We are delighted to say that there are only 16 remaining units with defective exhausts, which will be corrected shortly. Terrazzo and Travertine Take a look on the 3rd floor at the outdoor aggregate. This major project is on schedule and on budget. Candidates Night On Tuesday the 18th at 7pm, come to the activities room. You will hear board candidates tell you why they deserve your vote. Hear about proposed new directions for LPT and enjoy the refreshments. Make your ballot count!

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